Leptos The Founder

Michael G. Leptos (1937-2021) – Founder

Michael G. Leptos was a self-made visionary entrepreneur, born and raised in Keryneia in 1937. He established the Leptos Group in the early 1960s, taking the first steps in his hometown Keryneia.

Leptos Estates launched its activities, post Cyprus independence, in 1961, setting off in Keryneia with land development and construction, creating innovative residential and holiday units. In the 13 years leading to Turkey’s invasion of 1974, the Group had successfully completed some major developments in Keryneia and was in the implementation process for a number of other properties, quite innovative for their time. But it all came to a standstill and these properties still remain under occupation. Post-invasion, the Group turned to the Middle East and the Gulf, where he implemented a number of innovative land development projects, with foremost amongst them, Saudia City, a new settlement of 4.000 residential units in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Michael Leptos returned to Cyprus in 1978 and made Paphos the headquarters of his companies.

Paphos became the focus of the Leptos Group land development activities, considering both its history and natural beauty. Beyond the five star hotel complex Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, as well as the Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort, the Basilica Gardens Resort, as well as other hotels, the Leptos Group focused on building holiday homes, residences, as well as commercial centres. A prime example of their innovative construction approach, is the internationally acclaimed Kamares project in Paphos, securing numerous awards. It constitutes the largest complex of holiday homes and residences in Cyprus with over 1200 villas.

The business acumen, creativity and social contribution of Michael Leptos goes hand in hand with the longstanding dynamic history of the Leptos Group, right from its establishment in Keryneia 60 years ago.

George M. Leptos – Co-President

George M. Leptos is Co-President and Technical Director of the Leptos Group, Chairman of the Boards of Pandora Investments Public Ltd, the University of Neapolis Paphos and Iasis Hospital and chairman or vice-president and active executive member of the board of directors. He is also in charge of many projects that include, among others, land development, architectural studies, management and construction of large projects.

Pantelis M. Leptos – Co-President

Pantelis M. Leptos is Co-President of the Leptos Group of Companies, Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors of the Public Company “LEPTOS CALYPSO HOTELS LTD”. He is also active in many other sectors related to the public of Cyprus and Paphos. He is also the President & CEO of “KARKAVATSOS & SIA Touristiki SA”. He is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Neapolis University Pafos” and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Company “Pandora Investments Public Ltd”.

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